Monday, 11 September 2017

WALT- balance colour in ART - Art

Name: Meera Khurana  
Age: 10
Nationality: English
Best known for: I am best known for my collages on Pic-collage and on paper. This is because most of my work on the ipad is printed and displayed among the classroom.
Influences: fruit and because it’s so yummy and I want to make it into a yummy piece of art.
Purpose of artwork: we were learning to balance colour in a collage. We basically used different shades of one colour and made that into a collage.
Creation of artwork: the steps of make the art were easy. First we drew the outline of our picture. Then we cut up pieces of magazines and glued them down onto the paper. When we were done, we had cut on the outline of our object and glued it onto a small black piece of paper.  


Sunday, 10 September 2017

WALT- use different adjectives- Writing

Who am I ?

I am the fastest land animal in the world, I have a brown body colour with black spots

People are normally confused about if I am white with black stripes on black with white stripes.

I have a solid back which can have different patterns on it. I am also very slow.

I have a  disturbing look and super thin. No one likes me except weird people. I am from the family which is sometimes called the king of the jungle.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

WALT- create a set of instructions- Writing

The Nutella and Banana bomb!

INGREDIENTS                                                             EQUIPMENT

1 scoop of vanilla  ice-cream                                         Straws                        
3 cups of Milk                                                             2-3 Glasses                          
1-2 teaspoons of chocolate syrup                                   Mixer
Whipped cream
4 banana’s
3-4 spoon Nutella

How to make a Nutella and banana milkshake…

  1. First grab your mixer and add 3 cups of milk with 3-4 teaspoons of Nutella.
  2. Next add 1 big spoon of vanilla ice-cream. Make sure you do not add too much ice-cream so the milkshake is not to sweet.
  3. Then get 4 ripe black bananas and mash them. This is optional because it already gets smashed in the mixer.
  4. Throw the bananas in the mixer.
  5. Put your mixer on and start it.
  6. Slowly add the milkshake to the glasses and add a straw to make it x-tra cute.
  7. ENJOY

tips :
  • Make sure that your milkshake is nice and thin before you pour it out of the mixer into your glass
  • If you want you can add some whipped cream and chocolate syrup to top it of
                                    Makes 3 cups and takes 5-10 minutes


Sunday, 3 September 2017

WALT edit a narrative for clarity- Writting

Cinderella and the heart sick Prince.

One horrible winter night, Ella was dusting the wrecked fireplace full of cinder. The sisters on the other hand, were enjoying themselves laughing away at Ella and calling her Cinderella because of all he cinder that was getting brushed upon her face.  That is why her nickname was called Cinderella. “ Cinderella, Cinderella! I have another list of chores for you. Cinderella!” called Lady Tremaine, this was her step Mom. The next day Cinderella was walking along the sandy pathway greeting everyone very sweetly. As she did so, her awful stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella were at least trying to greet people. “hello everybody” called one of the stepsisters in a rather croaky voice. Everyone else stared. Lady Tremaine instantly told Drizella to shush because 5 seconds later a deadly handsome prince came walking along. Prince charming, how charming could it get. As Prince charming strolled across the dusty path, Cinderella caught his eye. As fast as a bolt of lighting, he ran toward Cinderella. Still keeping his style. Anastasia quickly zoomed in front of her. The prince pushed her out of the way and held Cinderella’s soft beautiful hand and said in the most charming voice there is and said “oh how I love you, your sweet smile lights up my day”. Cinderella was pleased “ will you please oh, please come to the ball with me tomorrow and 7:00. Will you? Please say yes’’. Then Lady Tremaine speeded in front of Cinderella and shouted “NO! She cannot come with you” “but I have my other two daughters” she muttered. The prince insisted in taking Cinderella to the ball. In the end he got to take CInderella to the ball. That night CInderella was worrying. “What am I going to wear” she said to herself then 3 fairy godmothers appeared out of nowhere and gave her the most beautiful dress ever. She specifically said “ the dress will wear off at 12o’clock and you will be back to normal”.  The next day she was taking away to her animal friends while doing her chores. She couldn’t wait until 7pm. It was going to be the most magical time of her life. After a while 7pm reached and prince charming was waiting outside in his car. “ i’ve been waiting for so long”. Cinderella held up her beautiful dress as she stepped into the car. Her stepsisters were babbling about how ridiculously jealous they were and how it should've been one of them. They were dancing for at least an hour, hand in hand. The best moment was about to come, suddenly 12pm struck and Cinderella had remembered about how one of the fairy god
mothers said that the dress would disappear and she would be back to normal. “ i’m sorry” she shouted as she was running down the stairs. Both of her beautiful glass slippers fell of and now she was running back home in bear feet. She was crying. She felt horrible that she had just run away. She had kept thinking about it the next day. She eventually got over it. Around 11am she heard a knock her door. It was Prince Charming. Drizella speeded across the house and greeted the Prince.  Prince Charming saw Cinderella in the distance and asked if he could try the glass slippers that  Cinderella was wearing last night on all of the three sisters, and so he did. First he tried Anastasia and it was way too small for her to fit her giant feet. Next up was Drizella, her feet were horrible and had corns and all those types of stuff. Her feet surely didn’t fit the glass slippers. The it was Cinderella’s turn, it was a perfect fit.  Prince Charming asked if Cinderella could marry him. Cinderella said “ NO” she said this because she was better of alone. “ i have my animal friends, they’re all I need. I’m still thankful that you brought back the slippers for me.” she said sweetly. Then the sisters shouted “‘ you can pick me!!!”. The Prince was heart sick. “How could Cinderella not want me” he thought himself. He walked away very miserable.

To be continued

Monday, 28 August 2017

WALT- make connections- Reading

North Korean citizens suffering with hunger

North Korean suffering with hunger because the president (Kim Jong-un) is buying missiles instead of food for the North Korean citizens. The nuclear weapons are failing as they try them out. And when they do succeed, the NUCLEAR weapons would land somewhere. There was one missile launched and it landed in a Japanese lake. As you can see a lot of North Korean citizens are starving for no good reason. The UN is trying to keep peace between the two countries. The UN have not been able to accomplish their job in North Korea.  There is hope everywhere for World War III to NOT start.
.Image result for world war 3 north korea vs usaImage result for missile instead of food

Sunday, 27 August 2017

WALT predict how life would be in 50 years- Inquiry

How life would be in 50 years

In New Zealand there is way too many cars. This is an issue. Having too many cars could cause lots of pollution and traffic. New Zealand already has a lot of air pollution. In 50 years I predict that there will be electric cars which will be both Eco friendly and better for the environment. In 50 years time there will most likely be electric cars because they're already getting started, like Tesla and other car companies. Pollution could also cause death to people who inhale too much pollution. Pollution is a world issue because it is harmful to many people. Electric cars would be much better cars for our world so our trees and environment don’t become bad so we can't live in that certain area.Image result for traffic