Thursday, 16 November 2017

WALT - write a report

WALT- write a report

Introduction - define adaptation,  desert, what a camel is
Conclusion - overall what a  camel is, summary

The adaptation of camels and how they adjust the conditions of deserts

Introduction - define adaptation,  desert, what a camel is.
Adaptation is when living things adapt to the unique conditions of the deserts or any other type of environment.  This happens when the animal or living thing needs to change to survive.  When something starts to adapt to something, it could take up to  thousands of years.  Adapting to a living condition is not a simple concept. The desert has different animals which all have at least one thing that allows them to live in the desert, for example a Jack rabbit has their long ears so they use them as their fan.A Camel, has long eyelashes to keep any sand out of their eyes.

1 paragraph - deserts
Every Continent has at least one desert, which is either a cold desert or a hot desert.  Hot desert’s only have a scarce amount of water which is also hard to find because water only comes once a year in a ordinary desert. The Sahara desert is the hottest desert in the world, this desert can go up to 50°c in the summer, but then this means that it can drop to - 50°c in the winter.  One third of the earth’s surface is covered in vast deserts, and approximately 9 of those deserts are hot deserts.

2 paragraph - Camels-broadly
Camels have smartly adapted to their environment, they have long lashes to block the sand out of their eyes and they also have the same concept with their ears.   Additionally camels have thick pulp lips to prevent them from getting hurt when they eat prickly plants.  Also the sandy colour of their skin that they have, helps them to camouflage when they see predators.  They also store fat in their humps instead of water, many people believe that they actually store water but they are definitely wrong.  To elaborate on this, the camel has similar ways of how it works, like how it is basically covered in “light” fur

Paragraph 3 - Adaptation of camels
Adaptation is when a animal of any sort has been fixed to the biome that the animal is living in.  There are two types of adaptation, one is where you are born with the certain ability to adapt to the area and two is when you learn from your environment and naturally adapt to the environment.  A camel adapts over a long period time which is normal for any animal to adapt to.  The camel has adapted very well, they have a good amount of adaptations, like how they adapt to having a limited supply of water.  They store about 30 gallons in 13 minutes.

Paragraph 4 - conclusion

Overall i think that deserts are hard to adapt to because of the harsh conditions in that environment. Also camels are very smart animals which have a the ability to be able to cope with the biome. Adapting can take over 100 or even a 1000 years and adapting is a hard process which is a process of mind strength and more.

Monday, 25 September 2017

WALT- make connections - Reading

Dear future student

Learning how to draw, sketch or even paint is NOT easy. When I came to school we were told to draw a portrait of ourselves, I was mind-blown. I thought to myself “ what! Why are they telling us to do this tough work” . this is when I realised that it’s just practise. Like the saying goes “ practise makes perfect “. Just know that you can’t do something that you never really thought, heard or knew of. To learn things you need to work hard.


Meera (room 5)

Monday, 11 September 2017

WALT- balance colour in ART - Art

Name: Meera Khurana  
Age: 10
Nationality: English
Best known for: I am best known for my collages on Pic-collage and on paper. This is because most of my work on the ipad is printed and displayed among the classroom.
Influences: fruit and because it’s so yummy and I want to make it into a yummy piece of art.
Purpose of artwork: we were learning to balance colour in a collage. We basically used different shades of one colour and made that into a collage.
Creation of artwork: the steps of make the art were easy. First we drew the outline of our picture. Then we cut up pieces of magazines and glued them down onto the paper. When we were done, we had cut on the outline of our object and glued it onto a small black piece of paper.  


Sunday, 10 September 2017

WALT- use different adjectives- Writing

Who am I ?

I am the fastest land animal in the world, I have a brown body colour with black spots

People are normally confused about if I am white with black stripes on black with white stripes.

I have a solid back which can have different patterns on it. I am also very slow.

I have a  disturbing look and super thin. No one likes me except weird people. I am from the family which is sometimes called the king of the jungle.